September/October 2017 in Malawi, Africa

Although it was another whole month in Malawi it went by too fast and still didn’t seem long enough. The people we meet are so welcoming and friendly it makes it hard to leave.

I was able to spend time with all the women’s teams who are working on the PantiPacks. They’re doing well and are so glad to have this work. I was just amazed at how much some of the women have changed. A confidence, more outgoing, some telling me how they can get food for their children twice a day.

Electricity of course continues to be a problem but with a mix of electric and treadle machines the woman do a great job getting their sewing done. The women are working on marketing their products so Pastor Joseph and I took the opportunity to display the PantiPacks and talk to people in the open market. Lots of interest with more opportunities to educate groups of women on tracking their menstrual cycle. We also encouraged the men in the area to sit in on the group meetings. There’s a lot of laughing at first but then they became very interested and asked as many questions as the women did.

I was so glad to be able to attend a Boy Champions class that Pastor Joseph Wyson was leading. This is our other program working with teenage boys. Pastor Joseph is doing a wonderful job and loves working with the endangered boys. Each class begins with Bible study and then he chooses a different topic; rape, drinking, violence, drugs and really talks to the boys. I know that these Boy Champions classes are going to have an impact. Visit for more information on this.

We enjoyed an afternoon ride to the far south. The roads are rough but the scenery can be very beautiful and makes up for it. We were doing our third PantiPack distribution at an orphanage fulfilling our promise of providing 700 girls there with their own PantiPacks. This brought our total in just a few short months to 900 PantiPacks given out…..all made by our 52 Malawi women. We then spent the rest of the day teaching the menstrual chart to those 700 girls. A wonderful day for sure.

I love that PantiPlus is helping so many women and their children along the way as we provide the PantiPacks to the schoolgirls. No handouts, just opportunities.

As always, I can’t wait to go back and continue our work with these women.

Linda Rescorl

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