In-country Women's Sewing Teams

We focus on widows with children but any woman with a sincere desire to learn and work can request training.  The women bond as a team, establish their own leader roles, and monitor each other for quality work.  They earn when the PantiPacks they produce are given to the schoolgirls and orphanages through our Coordinator.

In-country Women Working from their Homes

For some women distance makes it impossible to work with a group because most travel is on foot.  No problem!  They receive the equipment and training they need so they can still earn, but can work from home.

Volunteer Groups and Individuals sewing PantiPlus

Great project for your women's, church or community group.  You select which part of the PantiPack you would like to make.  We will ensure that your finished items reach girls in need.  Contact us for more information, patterns and instructions.

Donations and Financial Support

It takes many hands to get PantiPacks to girls who need them.  Shop owners supplies,  women cutting fabric in their homes, women's teams sewing,  transporting and distributing,  teaching the girls.  This is all possible through your generous support.

Menstrual Health Discussions

  • Open discussions about the menstrual cycle.
  • A frequent question asked by women:    Why does this happen every month?
  • Another frequent question:  What if it doesn't?
  • The benefits of tracking their own cycle on our Menstrual Tracking Chart.
  • New educational information for the girls.
  • This is often new information for adult women too.
  • Many fears can be relieved in these discussions.
  • The Menstrual Tracking Chart is a valuable tool.

Young Widow Working from Home

Newly widowed with 3 small children to feed she was sweeping sand from the roadside to hopefully sell to brickmakers.  Her determination to grasp this new opportunity is caught here.

It Takes Many Hands...

... and supplies.

Your tax-deductible donation provides supplies, fabric, sewing equipment and training.

Use PayPal or mail check to PantiPlus, 8022 SW 115th Loop, Ocala, FL 34481