It's a panti .... PLUS

  • Specially designed pockets inside comfortably hold washable, reusable Pads during menstruation.
  • Can also be worn as daily underwear, without pads.
  • Unique, adjustable design fits waists from 23” to 42”.
  • Easily sewn from locally sourced fabric.
  • No elastic or snaps to break.
  • Both the panti and pads should last about 3 years.
  • A simple solution that's working!


Empowerment, not one-time handouts

We are dedicated to teaching women this simple solution to a difficult problem, not through one-time handouts but through mentoring,  skill building and empowerment.


What we do ...

Using our unique PantiPlus design we provide women in impoverished countries with supplies and skills to produce underwear and sustainable, washable feminine hygiene products.  This improves their earning ability.  These products are provided to orphanage school girls, improving their education by reducing the number of classes missed each month due to lack of essential hygiene products.

1 - What's in a PantiPack (for manual)

Why we do it ...

  • A surprising number of girls in impoverished areas do not have access to underwear.
  • Lack of feminine hygiene products cause girls to miss a week of school every month, jeopardizing their education.
  • Even if disposable pads with adhesive or cloth pads with snaps are available they still can not use them because they don't have underwear.
  • Lack of underwear makes a girl feel vulnerable to the very real risk of rape.
Blue dress girl

How you can help.

PantiPlus is a program of Everyday Women, Inc., a registered non-profit charitable organization.  We depend on contributions from you, our partners.

Use PayPal or mail check to PantiPlus, 8022 SW 115th Loop, Ocala, FL 34481